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Diabetic- Friendly


Quinoa Fried Rice 

Quinoa fried rice is an example how quinoa can be used as a rice alternative. The recipe is designed to sooth all taste  buds. 

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I am Rahul Ditta , 36-Year-Old, Resident of Delhi, an active user of Agrophilia Quinoa for the last One year.

My life was hanging with Obesity (130 KG) leading to medical conditions like Sleep Apnea, Cholesterol, Gout and BP. I met with a car accident due to sleep apnea which urged me to change my life towards a healthy living. 

This was the time I discovered Agrophilia Quinoa superfood. A boon for all who want to lose weight and boost immunity to stay fit and healthy during these tough and ever-changing conditions.

I used to have quinoa at least twice a day in my meal plan (Breakfast + Lunch) along with other nutritious food. The effect of Quinoa was amazing, it not only gives you a feeling of fullness (satiety) after your meals but also provides essential micronutrients like Protein, Magnesium, and Iron. It also helped in improving my metabolism.

I started my journey in July 2019 with 130 Kg and by April 2020 I was 85 Kgs. Lost 45 Kgs in 10 months and till date maintaining the same regime of regular exercise and Quinoa as my staple diet.

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