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Premium Red Quinoa 1KG

Premium Red Quinoa 1KG

  • Agrophilia Red Quinoa is gluten-free, saponin-free and comes pre-washed.


  • Red Quinoa is known to have more fibres and protein content as compared to White Quinoa.


  • Red Quinoa has a sweeter taste to it. The texture is more chewy and is ideal for salads.


  • Agrophilia Red Quinoa is packed in a hermetically sealed container, which contains a de-oxidiser sachet inside. The de-oxidiser sachet absorbs all the oxygen present inside the container which thereby increases the freshness of the quinoa seeds.


  • Quinoa is not a grain, it is a pseudo-cereal, i.e. it does not come under the category of grain. Quinoa plant comes under the category of amaranth family (rajgira). Amaranth comes under falahar category and thus can be eaten during vrat/upvas, similarly Quinoa can also be eaten during vrat/upvas.
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