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AGROPHILIA White Quinoa VS Premium White Quinoa

Overview :

Agrophilia currently offers 2 different types of White Quinoa, Regular White Quinoa and Premium White Quinoa, both have many similarities but also some unique characteristics. Here’s what you should know :

1. AGROPHILIA White Quinoa

Agrophilia White Quinoa is the regular Quinoa variety that we have. These seeds are also known as Golden Quinoa for their brown-like appearance. Originally brought from Canada, these seeds are natively grown in Rajasthan due to their better adaptability in this region. This variety of Quinoa has a better yield and can be grown in arid regions with very little water. Quinoa is not only a superfood for it’s nutritional value but also because it is a sustainable crop, it requires less water, and no pesticide (due to saponin) thus leaving less carbon footprint than other conventional grains.

Seed Profile

· Colour : Light brown, Goldenish

· Flavour : Mild Nutty

· Cook time : 15 mins

· Texture : Mild chewy

· Seed Size : Medium Small

2. AGROPHILIA Premium Quinoa

Agrophilia Premium Quinoa is the premium gourmet variety we have. The seeds are much bigger and whiter than the regular variety. This variety is native to Peru and is also known as ‘Royal Quinoa’. The name fits perfectly so, it is more fluffy when cooked and have a neutral taste to it, this makes it a perfect replacement to basmati rice. You can use this variety to make a range of gourmet dishes, like Quinoa Biryani, Quinoa Risotto etc.

Seed Profile

· Colour : White

· Flavour : Neutral

· Cook time : 9mins

· Texture : Fluffy

· Seed Size : Big


The variety you pick totally depends on your need. If you want a daily staple, that is economical, then AGROPHILIA White Quinoa should be your choice. If you want to make gourmet dishes, and taste is your priority then, AGROPHILIA Premium Quinoa is the one you should pick. Either ways, both are nutritionally superior to the conventional grains we eat it is just that what use you want from Quinoa.

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