Basil seeds (Ocimum Basilicum) are the produce of Holy Basil plant. As we all know, the plant has many medicinal properties, so does the seed. 

Basil seeds are essentially used for detoxification of our body. It eliminates carcinogenic heavy metals from the blood stream, thus reducing the chance of developing cancer. Being high in fibre and omega fatty acids, it helps in reducing weight, regulating blood sugar and relieves from constipation and bloating. Keeping your gut healthy is the quintessential way to live a healthy life. 

Agrophilia Basil seeds are all natural and has no preservatives. Seeds are hermetically sealed pack in a can to ensure freshness. 


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Basil Lime Cooler

Add Agrophilia Basil Seeds to your lemonade in summers and make your  cooler more healthy. The seeds help in reducing acne and pimples, as it reduces body heat and purifies blood.

Direction of use: Soak basil seeds in water for 15 minutes and add it to your drink.

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